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Shenghua magazine "I.CE"

In order to promote the corporate culture of Shenghua's innovative and friendly love, we will build a smooth and harmonious information exchange platform to showcase the talents and style of Shenghua people. We will come here and be born of love. We are fashionable, we are passionate, we are as intellectual as water, in the "I" era of self-expression and individuality, we have a very cool name: "I.CE" - "I" Chinese translation is "I", homophonic can also be "love", "CE" is the abbreviation of Shenghua English name China Elite, so we take it as "Ai Shenghua" , the meaning is to love me Shenghua.

Note: In order to upgrade the "I.CE" internal magazine and enrich and improve its contents, Shenghua's internal magazine "I.CE" will change from 'bimonthly magazine' to 'quarterly publication' from the 22nd issue. Notice! Thanks to the employees and users of the company for their expectations and love for this magazine, please continue to pay attention to the internal issue update!